z0mg! the Artist Biography!

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Behold... The Mind Behind this Insane Drivel:

Samuel Anderson, busy at work on z0mg! the comic.

"Samuel Anderson was born many years ago, in a cold hospital bed under the watchful eye of the winter moon. Exhibiting abnormalities from even such a young age, he was under-weight and had to be kept in incubation for several days after birth. This, he believes, is what ultimately warped him past the point of "normality." Many arguments between his mother and her caring medical practicioners later, and Sam was found to be kept under an air-conditioning vent which is why he was unable to keep warm or gain weight. This now resolved, he could begin his life amidst others trapped in what became known as: Reality.

Life went smoothly, the only major mishap being a poorly conceived face-plant off of a ten-foot high slide when he was only two, which resulted in a 48 hour coma and only a few stitches in his forehead. Doctors believed he may be braindamaged from the experience, but now, many years later, he laughs at this mis-given prediction. Although sometimes late at night he does wonder if perhaps he was meant to be a genius, but the accident crippled his growing mind... He prefers to follow the concept of "c'est la vive" in this matter as he still ended up devilishly intelligent, even with his dare-devil antics.

Fast forward now to high school, and Sam is beginning to realize that he may not want to be "normal" in his career choices. Everyone around him is looking to start families and go to college to gain business degrees and wear suit-and-tie combinations while sitting behind a desk. Our daffy hero has known for a long time by now that this lifestyle wasn't for him, as he has always heavily preferred the concept of a T-Shirt and Jeans to anything requiring a tie of any manner. Keeping this in mind, he began looking to his creative musings as potential career choices.

But what to do? He knew he could write, he could draw with some level of decency, but to date he knew that his work would not be able to garner the future he desired... And so our young Artist began his journey into the world of the Art School. The first semester passed insignificantly, he begrudgingly took any criticism thrown his way. However, late in the second semester of his Freshman year a professor of his decided that Sam had "underperformed" on an assignment, to which the young man disagreed quite heavily. One failed grade and verbal altercation later and the rocky semester came to a close, resulting in Sam, at the oh-so-tender age of 19 withdrawing from his studies at this particular institution and moving back in with his mother.

And what followed was several dead-end jobs and broken relationships:

This part of his life was much more difficult than the year of his life spent in school, because with the advent of needing money, and not feeling particularly creative due to his in-ability to accept simple criticism (which he later realized was quite valid), Sam forsook his creative side and entered the 9-5 lifestyle, living paycheck to paycheck and doodling randomly between phone calls and assignments from his jobs... but never creating anything substantial until...

One day, while completely fed up with working in a world which he knew deep down he did not fit into, Sam rifled through old boxes to withdraw his ancient empty sketch pads and journalling notebooks, and began filling them relentlessly once more. His gift was hesitant to return at first, like a jaded, broken-hearted lover toward the concept of commitment, but with much work, Sam found his hand became steadier, and stronger still than ever before. And so he began working on his numerous projects once more: novel ideas/movie scripts/poetry/drawing/painting and so much more that he would lose himself to his work on many a night.

But still he was not appeased. Nothing that he did felt right, the spark, the muse which originally fueled his need to create was strangely absent. But he kept working diligently trying to find his spark. Then it occured to him: He would be his own inspiration. And so, Sam began doodling images of himself/his characters in various video games, making little drawings and mini-comics about them, until one day, he discovered it: Un-Reality. It came in the form of z0mg! the comic! and refused to let go as his hand flew across the blank pages, eventually forming itself into the very comic which you've come to read and love... or hate... whatever, really..."

Thank you for your reader-ship and I hope that you enjoy everything I bring to the drawing board....

-Samuel Anderson
"Living Relentlessly in Un-Reality since 1982."

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