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(For all your Hyperlinking needs)

Ah, the oh-so-cliche but necessary Links Page. Here you will find a repository for all the hyperlinks through which dreams are made. Or, of course, you could just find other websites, whatever floats your boat. A couple of matters first: My own banners for link purposes:

If you do choose to link to me, I ask that you send me an email so that I'm at the very least aware; and of course, if you link me then I'll definitely link you in here!

And now... the Links:

Drunken Scribblings - It's got a little bit of everything: Inter-galactic war, UFOs, cats, bears, psychotic gun-weilding aliens. You can't ask for much else!

That said, currently this page is under construction until I finish all the renovations to the site, but rest-assured that there will be more links here soon!

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